Quartz/ Ceramics/ Graphite/ Refractory metals

Supply quartz (GE214), high-purity ceramic, graphite, and refractory metals. Various parts required non-traditional materials for foundries processes such as CVD, PVD, Etch, diffusion, and implant. We have the capability to reverse engineering parts with actual sample pieces. Suitable for improvement and testing from TD/RD groups. So, unlock a world of possibilities with our alternate supplies sourcing services.

Quartz, ceramic, ALO2, wafer lift pins, CVD side liner, alternate supplies sourcing services

Customized Quartz & Ceramic Parts: Quartz ring, ceramic lift pins, and side liner, quartz bushing

Parts fabrication

Part machining

CMMS and High projection measurement

Reverse engineering with CMM to produce parts with high accuracy.

Used fomblin oil disposal

Purchased of used fomblin oil. The client could save on disposal costs at the same time.

Alternate sourcing

Alternate supplies sourcing services – We took the initiative to source alternate supplies for the client to better their supply at more competitive pricing.