Fomblin Oil

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Fomblin Oil Manufactured by Solvay Solexis can be ordered at XTI Services

Fomblin Oil is an ultimate fluorinated lubricant exemplifying to be the best when comes to disruptive chemical environments and high or wide working temperatures are involved.

The Fomblin Oil has exceptional chemical and solvent resistance. Its thermal and electrical resistance is second to none. It is non-reactive to metal, plastic, rubber, and elastomers and is also non-flammable. The low loss of evaporation and intensely wide operating temperature range is an add-ons. All such powerful features would insist you bring it into your day-to-day use.

It encapsulates non-volatile organic chemicals and is non-toxic in behavior, which would be a beckoning call for you. This oil can also be used on CVD modules of the semiconductor industry. There are vacuum pumps that are brought into use to transfer venomous gases on CVD equipment. And thus for greasing PFPE oil is depended upon for lubrication.

This Oil can be used in its original form as well as when formulated into greases for applying nuclear, military, data processing, electronic and chemical industries; where there is a need for high lubricating performance.

Fomblin Oil, along with several other characteristics combines this also; it becomes languid to liquid or gaseous oxygen and shares a good viscosity index. Its way of easy formulation of greases gives a hike to its trait, which makes it the best among all.

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