Diamond Lapping films

Diamond Lapping films singapore

Diamond Lapping films singapore

Diamond Lapping Film Disc

The nicety and meticulousness of fine diamond particles resin; when minted with a static polyester film backing; casts and constructs a Diamond Lapping Film Disc. It happens to be the most persistent and steady substitute for diamond amalgams.

Diamond crystals can remove hard materials such as ceramics, hardened metals, glass, composites, etc. It is also employable on micro-electronic material as it expose exemplary edge or outlines confinement.

The Diamond Lapping Film Disc consists of a polyester backing of 3mil. It supplies a relief of varnishing less and hands over a firm and rigid diamond grating mode. This Disc is finely incrusted abrasives made by using exact and accurate granulated diamond. A very flexible and pliant fastening agent is used which pertinaciously takes the grip of the abrasive grains to the backing.

This adhesive thwarts exfoliation, tear-resistant, and long-lasting plastic film that is water-resistant and also defiant to many solvents.

The Diamond Film Disc is invoked with notable abrasives for approaching microelectronic materials for the examination under SEM and TEM.

This polishing film is best called for its peerless quality and that it has high connector yield. It will support you with extremely unwrinkled and serene polish.