Alternate source for Chemcassette tape

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Alternate source for Chemcassette tape

One of the most reliable and proven technologies to detect toxic gas leaks. The application of Colormetric technology in gas detection has been around for about twenty over years. One of the advantages of such technology over others is that there would be evidence of detection on the tape as stains are formed when there is a chemical reaction between the air sampled and the tape. Such gas leak is easily picked up even at very low concentration in part per million or even part per billion levels. Monitoring system such as CM4 is able to sample 4 points simultaneously and Vertex is able to sample 72 points continuously. Such technology allows users to configure the system to detect over 40 types of different gases. Many of these gases fall in the family of Hydrides and Mineral Acids.

Using such technology capability of CM4 & Vertex are very popular in foundries of semiconductor, solar manufacturing, and research institutions. The tapes are the systems consumables and are available in 30/90/120 days change intervals.

We are able to help in getting an alternate source for Chemcassette tape for CM4 & Vertex at a very attractive price. There are no issues of compatibility as the necessary CID numbers or shades leader are provided with each tape. Customers worldwide have switched to these alternate sources due to fast delivery and very competitive pricing.

Colorimetric gas detection is a traditional, low-cost solution for quick, on-the-spot measurement of specific toxic and combustible gases. Colorimetric or paper tape technology, as it’s also known, provides visual gas detection of gases at low levels. As the target gas comes into contact with the inert paper tape, a color change takes place. The color change is representative of how much gas the detector has been exposed to.

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