XTI Services is diamond lapping films supplier

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Diamond been the hardest bulk material are often used to mark or create a line of weakness on other material for cutting. Industrial diamonds are primarily used as abrasive for grinding and polishing. They can be applied as free particles in slurry or in compound, it can also be bonded on solid substracts; The diamond found on the diamond lapping films are of industrial diamond bonded with coating of resin on thin polymer film.

Diamond lapping films are used to remove hard material such as metals and ceramic effectively. There are different roughness which are differentiate by the grit (0.1/0.5/1/3/6/9/15/30 microns) of the diamonds. Diamond lapping film of a higher grit would provide a rougher cut and a lower grit would produce a smoother or polished surface. A progressive change of the films from higher grit to lower grit during polishing can often achieve a required polishing much faster and uses lesser films.

Much of these diamond lapping films are used on material research and study as well as sample preparation for quality control and failure analysis. The electronics and semiconductor need to prepare well-polished samples with clear features to be captured on microscope (OM/SEM/TEM) for customers to monitor the quality as well as for failure analysis. The diamond lapping films can remove practically all the hard and tough materials use for making IC chips. Some of the common materials are silicon, copper, aluminium, ceramic, polymer, tungsten and gold.

Diamond lapping films produce a surface of a better flatness over using polishing cloths. It can be achieved when it is properly secure to a smooth polishing platen. With the use of diamond lapping films and polishers, user is to produce cross-sectioned sample of silicon die in a quarter hour compare to traditional method which can take up to a day or more.

Focused Ion Beam (FIB) consumables

XTI Services is able to supply FIB consumables parts such as Pt source, extractor and suppressor. Overhual emitter, FEI sidewinder column and parts repair. Find out more on our product page.