Replacement lamp/ 2nd Source lamp

elocon cream buy Alternate source for lamps supply at a fraction of the price from that of equipment maker. Due to the natural fact of the critical requirement for the lamps performance, we supply genuine replacement lamps from lamps OEM.

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voveran injection price defend Lamps are found in almost all equipment. We supplied not just general lamps but performance specific lamps in area such as inspection, methodology, wafer bumping, exposure, curing, flash…etc.

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zetia cost liquidate Some high usage lamps has already been developed for replacement/ 2nd source lamp. They are very mature and stable that customers are able to switch over with no change to their PM routine or process recipe. The only huge difference that you would noticed is the cost savings.

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respond zetia price Replacement lamps covers a wide range of types and brands:

site de rencontre black love Halogen, Metal Halide, Xenon, UV cure, Laser, Mercury, Flash, Short Arc, D2… etc.

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imp source Factory is able to provide customised lamp with minor specification fine tune to improve process requirement.