Klüber Lubrication

train lyrica price Klübertemp GR RT15( Former Fomblin RT15) grease is perfluorinated polyether oil/PTFE which has superior chemical and temperature ( range of -20 to 250°C) resistance similar to fomblin/PFPE oil. Though it can be used on most material surface, this high performance grease is used to lubricate moving metal parts of vacuum pump such as bearings and shafts. Klübertemp GR RT15( Former Fomblin RT15) grease’s ability to perform lubrication ability in harsh conditions is almost irreplaceable by any general purpose grease. It is used vastly during maintenance as well as during pump overhaul. Klübertemp GR RT15( Former Fomblin RT15) has a long history and has been in the market for more than 30 years.

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