Fluoropolymer (ETFE/PFA/PTFE/PCTFE) Labwares

visit We supply standard and customised fluoropolymer labware for the most demanding requirement in storing and handling liquids and solids material. Fluoropolymer has superior chemical and temperature resistant which can contain and handle all of the chemical and solvents used in the semiconductor industry. It is also very stable to use for nuclear and biohazards application. Some of the material of fluoropolymer that we use include: PTFE, PFA, ETFE and PCTFE.


read Standard fluoropolymer labware include bottle, beaker, wash bottle, flask, measuring cylinder, test tube, funnel, petri dish, evaporation dish, pitcher, round bottom flash, jar, pot, tank, tray, basket..etc

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sie sucht ihn kleinanzeigen rostock Some other accessories include syringe, spatula, dipper, stirrer, spoon, scoop, turner, tong, tweezer, volumetric flask, cup for autosampler, centrifuge tube and vessel.

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site de rencontre belge jeune Fluoropolymer lab ware are generally reusable unless decontamination or cleaning is tedious.

zouk site rencontre These are some of the industries which uses fluoropolymer labware, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, petrol & chemical processing, food processing, analytical labs.