CMP Ebara Spares and Consumables Parts

Various spares and consumables parts for CMP Ebara 300mm tools. REX-300S, REX-300S2, REX-300X. We would be glad to answer your requirement for Ebara CMP spares and consumables.

FREX200, W tungsten end point system, W tungsten end point system repair with swapping, W tungsten end point system Pre-amp sensor and amp, 300S, 300S2, 300X, bearings, retaining ring, membrane, spline shaft, check plate, edge ring, hold ring, linear way, T/R guide, guide pin, SP stand, pressurized sheet E10, Key, C-5120-066-0001, C-5120-009-0021, C-4110-145-0001, C-1100-282-0001, C-1100-283-0001, C-2230-032-0001, C-1322-168-0001, F-1385-116-1001, Roller chuck,

Ebara CMP tool parts and consumables